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Word of my testimony

Recently I experienced a sickness that was severe to the point of constant and excessive fluid in my lungs caused me to keep a bucket besides my bed so I could spew the massive phlegm I was expectorating. It got so bad at one point I thought if I don’t go to the hospital I may not make it. Know the enemy was placing thoughts of pneumonia, flu and possible death in my mind.

It it was then I jumped up and fell to my face not only in prayer but in fervent declaration that I am well and I am divinely healed and healthy. I went to the word that spoke to my faith-place and not my circumstances. I went to a psalm that has been a comfort and joy for many,many years. And when you’ve been in this God kinda life for sometime you know what word to go to for what you want and need.

For me, Psalm 91 was my battle-ax as it has on many occasions. But this time something was different. Holy Spirit really become my comforter and joy in the midnight hour when I literally had the fight of my life on my hands. What He gave me was and is an awesome lesson for the best of my life for the rest of my life.

What He said is that blessed assurance the psalmist wrote about. As I read : “He that dwells in the secret place shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty,” He sent me back to read it again. I said he, and He stopped me and said say it again. I said he, and He stopped me again and said say it again. He. STOP. I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT HE IS YOU AND YOU ARE THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING I PROMISE HERE AND THROUGHOUT MY WORD.

It was here He “convinced” me that I was indeed loved by Him and He is very concerned about my current condition and it’s my faith in His word that is making me whole right now.

Not in the sweet by in by but now. “Seeking Me first puts you first in line for the right now healing you need now.” Whereas I was concerned I had pneumonia and if I didn’t do something now I may die, I did do something. I lived the Zoe life I preach and spoke the word to my condition and The God of my faith came in the room and comforted, protected and healed me. HE IS ME!

No longer having a chest full of fluid but healed and looking back at how He comforted. He showed me I was the He that He loved and talked about that dwells in the secret place and abides under His shadow. The Word literally became flesh in me and manifested all the promises I needed. GLORY TO GOD.

So this short testimony is to encourage you that whatever you are going through right now or in the minutes, days or even years to come, know that by faith, He is with you. His rod and His staff they will comfort you. It’s by faith that He is here for you and will direct you in all of your ways. It may not and probably won’t happen for you like it happened for me but you’ve got to have faith and believe that He will do it for you just as you need Him to because He loves you and He desires the best for you.

Yes, God is able but I am a witness that He will. I know so because He said so!

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