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The GoodNews Network – Prosperity One Channel

Welcome to the Good News Network’s Christian Business Channel. Within the walls of this channel we will uncover the wide ranging aspects of biblical kingdom business principles and how they relate to Christians in Marketplace Ministry and the kingdom citizen’s development in the marketplace.

We share a wide range of money making business opportunities, affiliate programs and strategies all from a kingdom perspective. We incorporate biblical wisdom principles,cutting edge strategies coupled with the examination of emerging technoligies that enable the christian entrenuer/business person to succeed abundantly in the marketplace.

An Easy Way To Make money

So much attention is drawn to quick, easy money making schemes that it is easy to get caught up in the hyperbole. Here, we  not just examine the principles that sets us apart in the marketplace but we also examine the ethical and moral nature of Kingdom Entreupeneur and how should operate in the marketplace, in our families and communities. Integrity is the centerpiece of  every opportunity we present.

If it doesn’t pass the ethical “sniff test” we will not review or reccommend the oportunity to you.  We are very careful not to present anything or anyone do not that could pose a risk to our community financailly, morally or healthwise

We Are Building An Online Business Community You Can Trust

The online community is full of fraudsters, crooks and schemers whose sole purpose is to part you with your money.  We filter through the noise and vet every opportuntiy, strategy and influencer that we present in the network. You can rest assured that the information recieved here is genuiene, authentic and of a good report.

Join Us As Build This Online Money Making Network Just For You

So, are you ready to conquer the online money making world?  Can you see the value  of conducting your business in a Godly manner, focusing on the kingdom principles that sets the Christian business person apart from the rest?  Do you promise to committ to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ as you mix and impact the marketplace?

If so, boy do we have just the place for you! We encourage you to CLICK HERE for more information on how The Good News Network and The ProsperityOne Channel can assist you in attaining higher heights of achievemnt and deeper depths of biblical understanding.


Use us as your online resource for christian business principles, wisdom strategies and ideas. Link up to our social networks and share your top affilate marketing and networking ideas.

Stay tuned in to recieve a wealth of kingdom life principles that are biblically based, scriptually sound that will add to not just your moral/ethical compass but set a standard of excellence that will set you on a path of succees you can be proud of!

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