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We’re  taking GoodNews TV on a journey
to creating and establishing Kingdom Media Channels designed to penetrate target markets with Rhema messages that advance the kingdom message “Around The Corner And Around The World!”

Currently we are testing 3 platforms to determine the best one to use or if it’s advantageous to use a combination to achieve the ultimate goal of finding the best platform that gives GoodNews Networks the best design, bandwidth useage and ease of use.  There’s a lot to choose from but in the end we want to choose the best services that gives us the best bang for the buck.

We are taking a truly “agnostic” approach seeking truly whats best for our purposes.  The key feature we are after is use of use coupled with privacy/exclusivity.  We desire that our platforms carry our media only and don’t give viewers the opportunity to switch from our media

We are testing platforms that we can offer:

1- To Media Ministries to deliver their messages to the marketplace

2- For consumption by general and target markets

The idea is 2 fold-

1- To create, administer to deliver linear media channels that become fully programed 24/7 channels that can be embedded or linked in WebTV/IP TV channels, blog sites, corporate website or social media. The ultimate goal is to create channels for the OTT, Cable and SatTV markets.

2- To create Playlists for GoodNews Networks and client media outlets/ministries that offer onDemand programming across the broad spectrum of media outlets. Play-listing is an excellent opportuniuty for emerging and existing media gain viewership in untouched/reached and established markets.

Not a new idea but a new way to approach Playlisting


Yes, it is true there is nothing new under the sun and playlisting media is not a new concept.  The GoodNews Networks Playlists takes a more creative and strategic approach to the delievery of media to target and the general marketplace.

Playlisting is simply compiling and delieving individual media files that are saved together in a client designed format. Whether it’s by gengre or client driven, each complied playlist is able to be embeded into existing websites, social media, newsletters or emailed/texted directly into client inboxes.

design with also play a huge roll in the look and feel of the playlist.  We are partnering with other media outlets and design firms to maximize this opportunity.

Although we are a forprofit business who is in business to make money, our primary objective is to equipt knigdom minstries and business with media tools of attraction that will penetrated target and genetral markets with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Join the GoodNews Networks Playlist “FREE VIEW”

With that in mind, we are offering the first 12 ministries the opportunity to play list up to 7 video files complete with embed tags that will enable you to post your playlist along with links to individual video files.


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