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In order for the work that Almighty God, The Maker of Heaven & Earth has given to us to be achieved, we believe that He desires for us to be blessed with and He will grant us Divine Health, Abundant Wealth and Supernatural Wisdom.
As we experience this modern day “EXODUS” from this world system and prepare “whosoever will hear” the message of the return of Jesus Christ for His Bride, we believe we must

  • Live in Divine Health in order to operate with power and authority
  • Process and Produce Abundant Wealth to possess the land
  • Operate with the Divine Spirit of Wisdom and Undertanding that will prepare us to rule and reign as kings and priests in the marketplace.

There in lies our commitment and desire to operate as ministers in the earth realm that are


Within this section we share news, business opportunities, reviews and Biblical guidelines for gaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle- in you Mind, Body and in your Soul.


It is God that give us the power to gain wealth. We focus on wealth building strategies and developing a Kingdom business mindset that will enable us to be kingdom advancers and builders in the Body of Christ. 


the Bible says it is the spirit of Wisdom that created the universe.  That spirit also enables us to create systems, strategies and technologies that will make major impact in the marketplace

Kingdom Business Christian Entrepreneur Network
My Vision – Laurence D. Means Sr.

Fulfilling the Great Commission Through Media

We’re Building A New Social Media Platform As A Safe Place To Share * Motivate * Inspire * All To The Glory Of God!

We have created a special place where Entrepreneurs, Ministeries and Media Producers can come together to share their uniques gifts and ideas and to also gain valuable information and inspiration that will strengthen their positions in the marketplace.

The Heart Of The Matter

Make no mistake. Although I operate in marketplace as an entrepreneur the greatest joy I receive is in establishing the Media Ministry God has given to me- The Good News Network!  Below are the 6 channels we are currently developing with more to come! Take the time to check all 6 out. You will be blessed.

We are building a library of business resources that will assist you in building your enterprise form a blblical, Godly perspective.

The Wisdom Network

The Wisdom of God is the creative force of God. Within this network we are building a network of speakers, programs and media that teach, inspire and motivate our viewer to excellence in the marketplace using the wisdom of God as our foundation. 

Good News TV

Good News Tv is the flagship Network of the Good News Network “Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ Around The Corner and Around The World.” Positive, up lighting programming from around the globe come together on a mission:  To impact the nations for Christ.

The Apostle Network

We bring together an international collection of apostolic voices set and positioned to reveal the truth of the heart of God in this time and dispensation.

The WeWorship Network 

I will bless The Lord at all times.  His praise shall continually be in my mouth. Join us as we lift up our voices unto our Father in praise and in worship. From independent psalmist to local choirs/ praise teams and beyond, we bring to you the best the body has to offer

The Founders Network

We clearly stand on the shoulders of many mighty men and women of God who paved the way before us to establish and encourage us to carry the banner of God throughout the land. Tune in to hear preaching and teaching of the founding fathers of the faith and you discover the word they shared yesterday still ring true today 

The Perfect Near Me Marketing Plan

Relationship Marketing

The foundation of Laurence Means Enterprises and The Good News Network are the relationships we develop with our business clients. Our goal is to establish “Partnership Relationships” where we become like family.

Our mission is to help our business partners to develop business systems, strategies and plans that will acquire and maintain sustainable growth.

good news media

Smart S.E.O

S.E.O strategies come and go but the key basics remain the same. Click here to discover the keys to S.E.O online success.

Social Media

The world has gone Social Media crazy accounting for the largest access to massive targeted traffic in history.

Streaming Media

Live Streaming, linear channels and V.O.D gives   organizations the ability to reach thousands already in the market thirsty for whatever you have to offer.

Mobile Marketing

From SMS marketing to Mobile Apps that create Geo targeting “fences” around your location is a game changer!You can now reach your target market while they are actively seeking and in buyers mode.

For more information

  • Phone: +1 (301) 526-7100
  • E-mail: info@laurencemeans.com
  • Address: 1629 K St NW. Washington D.C 20006
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